About Legal Access Services


Legal Access Services Pty Ltd was founded in 1999 by Peter Foster-Bunch to meet a growing need for affordable access to legal advice for ordinary Australians.

For many years prior to 1999 Peter helped meet this need for affordable legal advice by establishing and running a phone based legal advice service. Then he came to realise that the power of the Internet had the potential to provide the same level of service to many more consumers at a fraction of the cost. That is how Legal Access Services was born.

Legal Access Services is not a law firm. We exist to help law consumers, both individuals and small business, to obtain affordable access to the law. We are passionate about making high quality legal information and advice as accessible as we can to as many people as we can.

What We Do

Legal Access Services provide a unique service that is amazingly simple yet surprisingly beneficial to all concerned.
By leveraging well established relationships with top quality law firms and some of the countries 'Blue Chip' companies, we are able to provide free and easily accessible legal advice to thousands of ordinary Australians.

Free Legal Advice

The benefit of legal advice to individuals and small businesses is obvious. All too often people don't seek legal advice because they are scared of the costs and effort involved. This can lead to relatively small issues escalating to the point where they become complicated and expensive.

Getting a legal issue ‘nipped in the bud’ can be orders of magnitude cheaper than seeking legal advice as an avenue of last resort.

Access to our legal advice service is absolutely free to all qualifying customers or members of our corporate clients.

Once a law consumer confirms they qualify for the service, they can lodge a legal enquiry via a secure online form. Within the next few days (usually much sooner) the consumer will receive a response from a qualified lawyer in their area. There is absolutely no charge to the consumer and there is no fixed limit to the number of enquiries that can be lodged.

Free Legal Wills

Several of our clients have also taken up the option to provide our free On-line Legal Will service to their customers.

This service allows users to enter their details and Will requirements into a secure online form.

If their requirements are complex, they will be referred to an appropriate law firm for further advice.

For more simple Wills, the user can enter their details and requirements on-line and generate a Legal Will Document to be printed and signed.  The Legal Will document also comes with instructions and a cover letter so the Will can be forwarded to a member of our panel of law firms for free, secure storage.

Our Law Firms

Legal Access Services law firms are all high quality registered law firms. Go to Our Law Firms to find out more.

Our Clients

Legal Access Services is sponsored by forward thinking companies that realise the importance of providing that little bit extra to their customers or members. Go to Our Sponsors to find out more.

Our Vision for the Future

The aim of Legal Access Services is to provide easy access to legal advice to as many people as possible.

To that end we will continue to grow the use of our service by our existing sponsors and to enlist new sponsors.

We will continue to maintain a high level of security and standards to ensure the privacy of all users of our service.

We will also look for ways to provide new and improved services to our users.