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Anti-Discrimination Board
The ADB was established to monitor the 1977 Anti-Discrimination Act covering areas such as disability, race and sexuality. The site has advice on how to deal with discrimination, harassment and vilification.

Australian Consumers' Association
Offers specific advice on issues such as problems when shopping or misleading advertising. There are customer alerts, recalls and bans.

Australian Copyright Council
The council offers advice on a range of copyright issues including copying from the Internet and the legal protection of ideas.

CCH provides business owners, operators and managers easy access to business news, solutions, and services.

LawAccess Online
LawAccess Online is designed to provide customers with quick and easy access to plain language legal information and assistance services. The service indexes resources from over 100 justice sector organisations and currently holds over 1500 plain languages factsheets, including resources in community languages. Customers can use a legal topic index to find resources on different areas of the law such as family law, drink driving and domestic violence or search for resources by language, keyword and various other methods.

A whole bunch of stuff about legal rights for people under 18.

Lawlink: my rights
This is a another link to the NSW Attorney-General's Department but where the department has brought together government and non-government agencies to provide the resource. For example, find out what to do if you are in a car crash or if you have noisy or nosy neighbours.